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Princo Instruments, Inc. has been manufacturing precision process instruments and controls since 1910.  Visit our website www.PrincoLevelControls.com for full details.

Current product offerings include:

Level Controls, Open Channel Flowmeters, and Presence Absence Detectors


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RF NULL-KOTE™ Level Transmitter - "designed to survive", immune to adverse effects of conductive coating build up, factory precalibrated, ideal for a wide range of applications - liquids, slurries, interfaces, and solids..... more info>.

Open Channel Flowmeter - SmartSonicTM ~ Princo’s unique SMART transmitter, with narrow beam technology, HART® protocol, the best ultrasonic level systems on the market today.... more info>

Presence Absence Detector - obstruction-less detection of presence/absence of liquids or solids in all types of process systems, especially suitable for run-dry protection of progressive cavity and positive displacement pumps.... more info>

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter - SmartSonicTM ~ Princo’s unique SMART transmitter, with narrow beam technology, HART® protocol, the best ultrasonic level systems on the market today.... more info>.

Pressure Level Transmitter - SmartPress™ model LP-D series are Princo’s unique line of SMART pressure level transmitters, with optional HART® communication protocol.

Resonator™ Economy Point Level Switch - innovative resonance sensing technology, unaffected by viscosity, foam, conductivity, dielectric, suspended solids, bubbles and/or turbulence....

RF Point Level - with our Null-KoteTM (coating immune) feature and unique "easy-on" probe connection, perfect for all your level alarm and control applications.... more info>.

RF MultiPoint Level -  single top mount entry port, ideal for processes requiring multiple level alarm points, lift stations control, batching operations and industrial sumps.... more info>.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective January 22, 2007 Princo Instruments, Inc. discontinued the manufacture of all products containing mercury, including: barometers, absolute pressure gauges and vacuum gauges.

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